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UK Snapframe: Keylock Pinboard Poster Frames

Silver Snapframes

Keylock Pinboard Poster Cases

Great Value lockable pinboard Poster frames which are waterproof. Available in 10 stock sizes and 17 finishes. This poster frame can be displayed portriat of landscape, and door stays keep the door open whilest the image is changed. This is a high specification poster system and our most popular external poster frame. Special order Felt Colour Options are available as Blue,Green or Red.


  • 45mm wide extruded aluminium frame
  • Suitable for internal and external use
  • Hinged door
  • Waterproof seal
  • 2mm strong plastic front face
  • Grey Felt pin board back panel
  • Visible Graphic Size Up To 20mm Smaller Then Poster
  • Can be fixed landscape or portrait
Stock Sizes
297mm x 210mm A4
420mm x 297mm A3
594mm x 420mm A2
700mm x 500mm
762mm x 508mm 30x20
840mm x 594mm A1
1000mm x 700mm
1016mm x 762mm 40"x30"
1188mm x 840mm A0
1400mm x1000mm
1524mm x1016mm 60"x40"
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A2 32mm Silver Pavement Snap Frame £31.99 each
A2 £31.99 each
A1 £41.99 each

A4 25mm Free Standing Silver Snap Frames - Portrait
Just £59.99 each while stock last

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